August 10th, 2017

New Home & Condo Guide

5 ways to enhance condo life with smart home technology

By Bob De Wit

SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY is in demand by tech-savvy homebuyers who want convenience, efficiency and full control of their home systems. While a larger, single-family home may come to mind when you think of a typical application for these systems, the same perks are effective in your townhome or condo, and are more accessible than ever. An integrated smart home system can help you make the most of your time spent at home, and empower you when you are on the move. I spoke with local smart home technology experts and Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association member Graytek Connected Home Solutions for the top five ways home automation can enhance condo living.

1. SIMPLICITY Between intercoms, entertainment systems, lighting, thermostats, entertainment systems, and more, most home technologies are fragmented. From one centralized control panel or app, have access to all systems in one place and ditch the countless remotes and wall clutter.

2. ENERGY EFFICIENCY Preset home temperatures to follow your living patterns and be optimal when you’re home, and conserve energy when you’re out. Leave no light on; before you run out the door or go to bed, all lights can be turned off at once with a single motion. Maintain a consistent temperature with shades that autodrop to protect windows from direct
sun exposure. Collect and analyze your energy data to understand your consumption and make improvements.

3. SECURITY Robust security systems can be monitored from your smart phone, with notifications alerting you of unusual activity and to review security video footage. One popular tactic is to program lights to mimic lighting patterns of a lived-in home when you are away.

4. REMOTE ACCESS With systems accessible by app, this means you\ can monitor and adjust on-the-go. Remote control gives you the ability to make adjustments when breaking from routine, such as scheduling a delay in heating/cooling systems when you know you’ll be home later than usual. Leaving town? Rather than handing over a key that could be misplaced, grant temporary access to a friend or a neighbour to let themselves in during a specified time frame.

5. PEACE OF MIND A smart home can free your mind from worry. Gone are the days of wondering if you remembered to lock the door or turn off the lights. Clear your mind and check your smart phone for instant reassurance that all systems are in order, allowing you to focus on more important things.

The type of system you select will influence the opportunities for integration. Whether only climate is automated or the entire system, from security to motorized shades, there is a system for you. Be sure to check with your strata before taking action to be sure your improvements are supported.

Finally, it is important to employ a professional to automate your home, wire it to code and enforce network security, so that you alone are the only one with access.


Original article: New Home & Condo Guide, July 21 – August 1.

It has been great working with Pure Image Technology to implement smart home technology into The Smithe project!