About Us

Builder Story

We’ve had over 45 years to craft what makes a Boffo project special.

Over the past 45 years we’ve been striving to make Boffo homes something truly special.  We’ve proudly created over 4,000 uncompromising homes and bold industrial projects, designed to withstand the daily rigours of life for generations to come.  Our focus has always been on the perfect synergy between form, function, and the finest materials – providing distinct value even as time progresses.  We know that our commitment to this focus will enhance the daily lives of anyone passing through the doors of Boffo built homes.  In doing so, our hope is that we’ll continue to earn the reputation as BC’s most respected boutique developer.


We know that our clients are the most important part of our business, and our outstanding customer service standards prove it. Our client-first attitude is reflected in our hands-on approach to construction and our desire to learn through listening to our customers. Our promises of detail-obsessed quality and service are solid and we’ve backed those promises by ensuring that upon completion, every Boffo project is scrutinized by an independent building envelope specialist at its first, second and fifth year of life. Then, it is secured with a 10 year Travelers Guarantee Warranty that truly provides peace of mind.


“Boffo continues to deliver the results that make us proud to be associated with them.”

Kerry Nagy

Our Process

Boffo buildings are designed specifically for our local climate.

Climate Sensitive Design

Boffo buildings are designed specifically for our local climate. This type of design minimizes the number of points at which water could enter the building, and allows water to drain off easily.

Umbrella Architecture

This is a simple design principle that emphasizes the umbrella-like nature of each structure, shielding the building envelope from the elements. Wide overhangs, sloped roofs and specially-designed flashings combine to keep water from accumulating on building surfaces.

Rain Screen Technology

A rain screen is a protective barrier of drainage channels installed between the interior and exterior walls, allowing the building to shed water. The rain screen acts both as a moisture break and an air space, preventing water from becoming trapped inside the walls, and making sure the frame dries out completely after the water drains off. While umbrella architecture keeps most water off the building envelope, occasionally moisture does penetrate the building envelope, for example during a heavy wind-driven storm. This is where the rain screen plays a vital role in protecting the building envelope.


“We love our home, and truly value the unprecedented quality and level of service that we have experienced.”

Ryan & Lisa


Praise from the community for Boffo’s finest projects.

The experience of choosing and moving in to our new Firma home has been second to none.  We build our own businesses by providing good customer service and by delivering on our promises – clearly your organization believes in the same principles.
Syd & Brian, FIRMA


We love our new home at Jewel II, and truly value and appreciate the unprecedented quality and level of service that we have experienced with the Boffo team.  We plan to coincide with Boffo’s future project offerings for our further purchasing requirements.
Ryan & Lisa, JEWEL II


From the moment I walked into Tramonto, I fell in love with the stunning architecture and warm ambience. The attention to detail gave the feeling of living in a 5 star hotel! I’ve always heard about Boffo’s great reputation and after visiting the building I knew it was the right decision for our first home.
James Doucet, TRAMONTO

We have now been living in our Boffo home for over two years and can still say that we are just as happy as the day we moved in. The quality is outstanding!
Carol Morrison, OUTLOOK

We bought into the Sereno complex after viewing every property with homes for sale in South Surrey. The quality of construction combined with the finish to the home and property was the driving force behind our purchase. Since moving in, the customer service provided by Boffo has been quick and responsive.
Mark Kempton, SERENO

The Boffo staff and sales team were helpful and pleasant to work with. The Tramonto exudes style and character as there is no other building like it. I look forward to coming home every day!


Travelers Guarantee has built their business supporting the best builders and developers in British Columbia, determined to deliver the best product possible in the residential housing market. For over 9 years, Travelers Guarantee has been supporting the Boffo Construction Group for all of their warranty needs. With their long standing history in the construction and development business, Boffo continues to deliver the results that make us proud to be associated with them. We look forward to their continued success.

I find the quality of the building and customer service to be excellent. With great amenities at your doorstep, Tramonto itself will raise the bar for the immediate area. I would recommend a Boffo unit to anyone looking for superior quality.
Gino Muoio, TRAMONTO

“The experience of choosing and moving in to our new Firma home has been second to none.”

Syd & Brian


Our tightly knit team is always interested in outstanding talent. Resumes should be sent to jobs@boffo.ca. Look below to view any positions that we have available.