Customer Care

Customer Service

At Boffo, we believe you can’t put a price on good service.

Homeowner Orientation

When it comes to the biggest purchase of your life, diligence is important. That’s why Boffo implements numerous quality checks, and puts every home it builds through multiple inspections while under construction, and after completion.

But there’s another important aspect to your Boffo home aside from its high quality standards. It’s the service you receive from our people. You can’t see it, but you feel it from the moment you are lead through your pre-possession tour. Along with the appliance warranties and notes contained in your home-owners manual, you’ll take a detailed room by room walk through of your home, learning everything from special system operations and cleaning tips, to appliance maintenance and general care.

At Boffo, we believe you can’t put a price on good service. That’s why it’s always on the house.

Warranty Protection

Travelers 2-5-10 Year Warranty – Every Boffo home is protected by a 2-5-10 year warranty program provided by Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada. This coverage is approved under B.C.’s Homeowner Protection Act. The warranty includes the following coverage:

  • 12 months coverage for defects in materials and labour
  • 2 years coverage for defects in materials and labour supplied for the gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning delivery and distribution systems
  • 5 years coverage for the building envelope
  • 10 years coverage for structural defect

Customer Feedback

Boffo encourages comments and feedback from our homeowners, incorporating suggestions into the planning of all future communities. If you have any comments or ideas, be sure to contact us today.

Homeowner Guides

As a new Homeowner sometimes you have some questions and concerns, Boffo has a handy guide available for your use.

To access your online Homeowner Guide, please select the development you live in by clicking the corresponding picture of your manual below. You will require your ID and password to access this site. If you have forgotten your ID and password, they can be found on your electrical panel.

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